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Zoomer OpenMic Description

Zoomer OpenMic is a family friendly virtual open mic for folks to share their passion with music, poetry, comedy, written word ECT: The artist will share their performance by joining the Zoomer OpenMic via the audio/visual conferencing program/app called Zoom. Their and all performances will be live streamed to YouTube where it will be possible for the audience to watch from the comfort of their own living room sofa via any smart device that has the YouTube app installed such as: smart Tv, smart phone, tablet, iPad etc. Of course, you will also be able to watch the program on a computer by following the link to Zoomer OpenMic’s YouTube Channel. A link to the live performance will be provided to the artist performing and the artist is encouraged to share this link with as many folks as they can as this is going to be their audience. The link will also be able to be shared via Facebook. Every Zoomer OpenMic program will be recorded and archived in its entirety and available to watch and share repeatedly from the Zoomer OpenMic’s YouTube Channel. The performance will also be uploaded and archived on the Zoomer OpenMic’s Facebook page where is can also be shared with-in the Facebook community. The link to the Zoomer OpenMic’s YouTube Channel and pertinent information about the open mic will always be available via its Facebook page and website as will as emails to the performing artists.


 YouTube Channel Link Click Here To Access Zoomer OpenMic YouTube Channel

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Zoom OpenMic Artist Joining Instructions

The virtual open mic will be streaming to YouTube but the platform from which the artists performing is a video conferencing program called Zoom. Zoom is a well-known respected and used program worldwide. Here are basic instructions for taking part in the open mic. Although you can set up and perform the same way you would a FaceBook live session. Just conect to Zoom instead of Facebook.


  • To share your performance with Zoomer OpenMic, you may use a smart phone, tablet, iPad, any mac, or PC ECT: to connect. So, it could be from your smart phone while sitting in your back yard to your home studio with more sophisticated audio/visual acquisition. The only stipulation is that what-ever you use you must be able to live stream both video and audio and be able to connect to the Zoom platform via the internet. You should try and use the best available device available to you to share your performance but by any means join anyway you can.
  • Take your device that you are going to use to live stream your performance with and make sure you have the program/app Zoom installed. You would get this app/program from the site that you typically go to install your apps. On a computer it would be through chrome which will prompt through the process on the first time using it.
  •  I will send you a link via your email or messenger and all you need to do is click on and follow the link. It should bring up the correct app (Zoom)
  • Follow the prompts and join the meeting.
  • Once in the meeting I will acknowledge your presence and you will receive direction from me on what to do. You will be able to see and interact with the other folks planning to share that have joined as well.


Zoom OpenMic Performance Instructions


  • The goal for this program is weekly and the length each program in its entirety is going to be 45 – 75 minutes, so depending on how many folks wanting to share, plan on being able to share as little as you want up to 10-15 minutes of time. Depending on how many or few want to share it could end up being more but don’t feel pressure to share more than you are able or want to.
  • During the performance of another artist please keep your microphone muted. There is a mic control icon with-in zoom that allows you to mute and unmute. As the host I will also be able to mute or unmute your mic as well.
  • Trying to keep this family friendly which will widen the audience.
  • During your performance, feel free to monitor your sound via the device you are using but please do not have the YouTube audio playing in the background as it will #1, cause technical issues with the sound of your performance and #2, there is a time delay from your performance to the time when you actually hear/see it on YouTube. This delay will be anywhere from 5-25 seconds depending on many things.
  • Feel free to watch the other performers on YouTube while you wait for your performance or after but keep an eye on your zoom feed to be ready when it’s your turn to shine.